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Main setup

The main application settings are in the file: config.swift

STREAM_URL - radio url stream (Shoutcast or Icecast)

REDIO_NAME - name your radio

DEV_MAIL - your work email

DEF_IMG - default picture

APPLE_IMAGE - on / off show artist cover in application

WEB_FB -  your facebook url

WEB_TW - your twitter url

WEB_SITE - your site url


Go to and add new app

Following the prompts of the system, get App ID and copy it

Open Xcode  -> info.plist file and paste:

Next, get Ad unit and copy it:

Open Xcode -> config.swift file and paste it:


1. Go to login or register

2. How to get Apple Push certificate read this:

3. In the Dashboard click "Add new app" and follow the prompts of the system

4. Add Apple push certificate and copy APP-ID

5. Open Xcode -> config.swift file and paste.

Run and test it


We will answer all your questions in our support team.

Unfortunately, we do not answer technical questions in the comments on the product, messengers and  mail.


For everything that you do with the application code, you are responsible yourself. You make any changes to the original code at your own risk. We relieve ourselves of any responsibility for the action with the code on your part and the reaction of the approving company (in this case, Google)