This is actually a simple procedure that will take you no more than 30 minutes.

Why is own pars server better:

  • You and only you have access to your server
  • All user data is available only to you.
  • There are no restrictions from third parties (I am hinting at Back4app)
  • You can independently control, expand and modify your server
  • This is much cheaper than using a paid subscription in  Back4app
  • You can make your domain name for the server (example, our test server

Technical recommendations for your server:

  1. VPS with operating system: Ubuntu 16.x-18x (preferably 64bit)
  2. Ram: 1Gb (min)
  3. Disk: 10Gb (min)
  4. Full root access
  5. SSH access, terminal
  6. Downloaded Parse server distribution (Linux 64bit). Download

Server installation

  • upload Parse image to root folder
  • use terminal run command : sudo chmod 775
  • next run: ./
  • server installation begins
  • using the system prompts and fill in the answer to all questions
  • server port recommended to install 81

Important! Be sure to write down all passwords and usernames otherwise if you forget them, then you will need to install the server again! ( user login/pwd, Mongodb access, your first app id and key)

Official instruction here

After installation in the terminal, you will see a link to your server.

If you cannot install the server yourself, we can help you


  • Installing the distribution kit on your server $60
  • add an additional application to the server $20 / per unit