Firebase setup

Go to and create a new project

add android application:

According to the system prompts, fill in all the required fields: (do not forget to rename the application package, how to do read here)

Download the google-service.json file and replace it in the application folder according to the instructions

Open project in Android studio, run app and register in Firebase

For correct operation you will need SHA-1 keys.

How to get debug SHA-1 key:

- open android studio project and click Gradle tab -> Taks -> signingReport

Copy SHA-1 key, go to Firebase console and paste it:

How to get release SHA1 key:

- Make you test release apk and keystore

- Open terminal and run command:

keytool -list -v -keystore "your_keystore_path"  -alias "key_alias"

Copy SHA1 release key:

And paste it in Firebase console.

In the Firebase console click - Authentication ->Sign-in method -> Phone and enable it

Add test phone number

Parse server setup

Go to

Click on "Build new app" and follow the prompts of the system

Go to "Server settings"

Next click "Core settings" -> "Settings"

You need to copy: "App id" and "Client key"

Open android studio and paste it ( strings.xml file)


- If you use a back4app with a free plan, in no case do not set this value to less than 800!!! (free plan 10 req/ per second !!!)

Run and test application.

ADMOB setup

Go to and add new app

Following the prompts of the system, get App ID and copy it

Open android studio -> strings.xml file and paste:

Next, get Ad unit and copy it:

Open Android studio -> strings.xml file and paste it:

Run and test

Intro page settings

Open android project and find file strings.xml

Edit this line

Open file and change icons and background image

Add info in the F.A.Q Page

Open strings.xml file an add new title_issue and body_issue line

Open file fragment_faq.xml and copy this text

Paste here:

Change the name and body to the ones you wrote in the strings.xml file


We will answer all your questions in our support team.

Unfortunately, we do not answer technical questions in the comments on the product, messengers and  mail.

Free support is provided only within the established Envato

If you yourself cannot customize the project , our services:

Install app + backend - $79

Install app + backend + customize app ( logo, color, map, name, name package) - $99

Install Parse backend on your server (VPS, VDS) - $180


For everything that you do with the application code, you are responsible yourself. You make any changes to the original code at your own risk. We relieve ourselves of any responsibility for the action with the code on your part and the reaction of the approving company (in this case, Google)

Google has the right to review your application and may write additional letters to your address asking for an explanation of why this or that permission is needed in the application. Try to answer them extensively and accurately. It is important!